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How do you ensure that your contact centre is effective, efficient and equipped to stay ahead? Today, that means taking advantage of the cloud.

Migrating contact centre operations to the cloud was a frightening prospect just a few years ago. Now it’s a business essential no-one should ignore. The good news is it’s easier than ever to achieve, and with no downtime.

Migrate to Cloud CX Platform

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Cloud contact centres are agile, scalable and flexible

Brilliant CX hinges upon your ability to react to the needs of your customers. On the cloud you can scale and adopt new services pretty much instantly. Cost of ownership can be 20% lower. Budgets are easier to predict. The way to deliver a consistently great customer experience today is to embrace the flexibility of the cloud.

Find out how much can you save by Migrating to Sabio’s Cloud platform.

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We are the people to talk to about moving to the cloud

Of course, moving to the cloud involves choices. Do you deal with sensitive information, in which case do you need a ‘private cloud’? Or would it be more cost-efficient to try a hosted model? Our experience means there is no-one better to guide you.

Cloud contact centre technology

The foundation for our cloud contact centre solutions is the Sabio CX Platform. It supports all contact centre technology and software you need: telephony, automatic call distribution (ACD), omni-channel, automation, workforce optimisation, reporting and more. You can also upgrade your capabilities progressively. One of the beauties of the cloud is that new tools are there ready to use. You literally just turn them on.

Contact centre compliance and security

The Sabio CX Platform is inherently secure, compliant and assures, even while you’re sleeping. Through our hubs in Glasgow, Madrid and Kuala Lumpur your contact centre is proactively monitored 24/7, 365 days a week. There is a rod of iron behind our cloud.

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Network services and infrastructure

The Sabio CX Platform is a baseline for the transformation of your business. However, for organisations to have smart digital customer service and contact centre technologies in place, it’s essential these are enabled by the right contact centre infrastructure. This is an area in which we have huge expertise.

Contact Centre Technology

It's at the heart of your customer services operation, it's what connects you and your customers, and it’s critical you get it right … and it just so happens it’s what we do best.

Contact Centre Compliance

We monitor your contact centre’s operational performance 24/7 365 from our hubs around the world. Your solution is assured, even while you’re sleeping.

Network Services and Infrastructure

Whatever contact centre operations you run, we’ll make sure you have the right infrastructure to support it and optimise performance.


Whatever the contact-centre software, we make sure your team has all the training they need to work efficiently from hour one.


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