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As customers ourselves we know how frustrating a poor customer experience can be. At Sabio we believe that exceptional customer experience offers a better way to live life. We exist to make customer experience brilliant for our clients and their customers.
Our people and expertise enable our clients to harness the latest technology, knowledge and information to improve every customer interaction.
Sabio’s deep expertise in customer experience solutions enable us to offer practical advice and guidance, design & implementation consultancy and ongoing optimisation & success management ensuring clients maximise the value they obtain from their technology investments, making us a unique strategic partner for organisations with a high volume of consumer interaction.
We specialise in cloud transition and the application of cutting-edge CRM, automation and contact centre technologies to create value for our clients. We have specific expertise in technology portfolios from; Genesys, Verint, Avaya, Nuance (Microsoft), Google (CCAI), Salesforce and Twilio.

Key Responsibilities

Solutions Group – Solutions Consultants are recognized as authorities - they have extensive practical experience gained from working as a practitioner in the specific field – fundamentally they are a domain expert in their respective area or areas.

They will come from a related hands-on role and will have multiple years of experience and knowledge in their respective field. Peers inside and outside the organisation would recognise them as a domain expert and often they will be undertaking this role informally and acting as a mentor or sounding board for their colleagues.

Passion about their role is a key quality – it is important that the individual is motivated by their technical achievements, knowledge of technology and how it is applied to their customers and how it affects the stakeholders involved in using it.

The role holder must be capable of strategic thinking and planning both for their respective field but also capable of looking at the bigger picture in which their technology / solution area operates allowing them to appreciate and critically review the overall solution. 

They will understand the role of marketers, sales, pre-sales, partner, solution architect, professional services, managed services – and be able to work closely with these roles in their field as the situation requires. This role is not directly financial or project management focused however an awareness of cost, scope, risk and timescales is a critical facet is important to successful execution of this role.

The high-level objectives for this role are to:
  • Demonstrate how Sabio creates value for Prospects, Customers and Partners.
  • Increase the “win rate” when Sabio is in competitive situations.
  • Drive increased business volume for the specific function / team you are in.
  • Support the Regional Pre-Sales and Sales teams in acquisition of new customers and development of existing customers.
  • Collaborate in the creation and definition of use cases for the impactful customer and user journey demos.
  • Ensure Sabio’s Propositions / Market offers are fresh, relevant and interesting to customers.
  • Remain an expert in their domain specific area (e.g. technology / product).
  • Deliver billable consulting expertise to clients when relevant.
  • Act as an interlock for the other business units in their respective field.
  • Support and drive the definition and documentation of best practice for your domain specific area(s).
  • Motivate and excite others in relation to their domain specific area(s).
  • Define Continuous Service Improvements to reduce / prevent the business from making the same mistakes.
  • Drive, develop and enhance Partner relations relating to their specific vendor or technology areas
These responsibilities will typically be achieved by a mixture of:
  • Spending time with Customers and Pre-Sales / Sales teams
  • Sales and pre-sales enablement to help pitch, position and qualify to Customers and Prospects
  • Creation and sharing of best practice content, collateral (inc. use cases) and demos
  • Providing governance for the approved portfolio, ensuring any deviation is captured and reviewed
  • Supporting marketing and advertising through webinars and other events. 
  • Regular, concise and clear communication to the entire business
  • Training and development of the regional Pre-Sales (and Sales) teams
  • Regularly assessing financial and strategic performance of propositions in line with Sabio targets
  • Tracking key deal wins (especially for newly introduced propositions) to ensure they are on track and that we can learn and reiterate
  • Include collaboration when required for the creation of Sabio Enhancement IP

Given the matrix mature of this role you may have a specific additional focus area to help drive common capability across adjacent functions and “Go To Market” as a whole, for example:

Demo – Organising, defining, coordinating and producing demos for internal business areas and customers
Automation – Driving forwards the automation of the “Go To Market” business processes, propositions and data set to increase efficiency and reduce effort.

Examples of interlocks with other teams are listed below (not all of these may apply):
  • Commercial (Sales) – Win themes, Domain specific evangelism, requirements discovery, customer relationship building
  • Regional Pre-Sales – Working as part of an extended team on key or large bids, augmenting and support regional pre-sales where knowledge in the regional teams is limited, developing new business areas in a region before upskilling the regional team, regular market and positioning updates, creation of complex demos
  • Marketing – Communicating Sabio proposition to the market, thought leadership content related to domain knowledge, Sabio differentiation and competitive understanding
  • Product Development – Information on market trends and customer needs 
  • Professional Services – Creating propositions / market offerings based on latest approaches to delivery and implementation
  • Managed Services – Creating propositions / market offerings based on latest approaches to support and managed services

Communication skills are important among peers in both internal and external (customer / partner teams) – oral and written communication should be strong with the ability to deliver complicated technology related messages to mixed (technical / business) audience in a clear and concise manner.

This role may deliver both customer billable and non-billable work, there are no set ratios but where there is customer demand to leverage the skills and knowledge and it makes commercial sense billable work may be involved. The primary type of billable work is likely to be high value consultancy where the customer needs strategic or product specific advice and the holder of this role is the best placed person in the business to help the customer. 

Skills Knowledge and Expertise

The skills required for this role will be mostly related to Genesys Technologies, specifically Genesys Cloud, but any other knowledge about other CX-related technologies like CRMs, QMS, DMS will be highly appreciated.

General knowledge of the wider technology in the Sabio business is important e.g. Twilio, Genesys, Avaya, Salesforce, AI.
Experience and involvement across the entire prospect / customer lifecycle would be useful i.e. procurement through support.

This role is ideally based in Spain and therefore strong Spanish language skills are preferred in an applicant. English language fluency is a must for this role.

Success in this role may be measured by one or more domain / proposition specific criteria as well as being aligned with the Sabio Value Scorecard.

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Sabio is Spanish for 'wise', and is associated with King Alfonso X 'El Sabio' (1221-1284).
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