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Growing consumer power means that brands are under more pressure to put the needs of their customers first – and that’s particularly the case across the retail sector

However, this drive to match customer expectations by providing a joined-up, personalised customer experience across all channels comes at a time when retailers face unprecedented challenges. These include:

  • Successfully balancing physical and digital retail challenges
  • Positioning to address shift towards premium and discount retail models
  • Requirement to match CX strategies against evolving retail model
  • Pressures of competing against Digital 1st retail competitors
  • Need to deliver excellent retail experiences – across all channels
  • Ongoing compliance pressures – particularly with introduction of GDPR

Shaping next generation customer engagement

Sabio works closely with retailers to ensure that customers can engage in their preferred digital channels, while still enabling a consistent single-view of interactions across the end-to-end customer journey.

Expertise in supporting digital customer journeys, as well as leadership in the provision of omnichannel customer engagement platforms makes Sabio a great partner for today’s retailers. Key Sabio capabilities include:

  • Voice of the Customer solutions – customer benchmarking index, customer experience feedback, employee engagement feedback
  • CX Insight – customer journey and contact centre analytics
  • Digital Customer Engagement solutions – bridging the digital and human-assisted journey – chat, messaging, web context screen-pop, smartphone content sharing
  • Digital Automaton – Virtual Assistants, robotic process automation, speech recognition, intelligent call routing
  • Identification Management – biometrics solutions for identification and fraud management
  • Workforce Optimisation solutions – to help improve customer contact operational efficiency
  • Omnichannel customer engagement – across both digital and live customer contact channels

Supporting seamless customer engagement

Some of the world’s leading retailers are working with Sabio to optimise their customer experience and accelerate digital customer journeys.

Automated CSAT delivers 20% increase in feedback for The White Company

Retail company The White Company's company logo

After initially benchmarking its contact centre performance, The White Company deployed the fully automated Bright Navigator CSAT tool and saw a 20% increase in survey response rates.

Turning customer conversations into insights with The Co-op

Retail company The co-op's company logo

Benchmarking and CSAT monitoring helped the Co-op achieve 6% higher post-complaint member retention – equivalent to a £12m + shopping trade value.

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