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Even with the best processes and technology in place, you will not have satisfied customers if you have disengaged staff. Understanding just how engaged your staff are is key to driving change so that your people really are your greatest asset.

We have proven a direct correlation between employee engagement and both C-SAT and efficiency. With employee engagement surveys you can measure engagement, support and development and have the results benchmarked.

Conducting regular pulse surveys will help you temperature check engagement during your busiest and most challenging periods. Clients tell us that results from their own company wide employee engagement surveys is often presented too late to do something about it. We can help you spot emerging trends and do something about them before they become demotivating issues.

Sabios VOE is a cloud application with no heavy up-front investment – an intuitive user dashboard allows for instant analysis and supports managers to drive a continuous coaching and performance management culture.

Key features include:

key features of sabio's voice of employee cloud application

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