Sabio Group Transforms Vodafone Spain's Customer Experience With Innovative ‘Alexa-like’ Virtual Assistant Solution

Sabio Group, the global digital experience transformation services specialist, today announced the successful launch of an innovative ‘Alexa-like’ virtual assistant solution for Vodafone Spain that has dramatically improved customer satisfaction.  

Sabio Group Transforms Vodafone Spain's Customer Experience With Innovative ‘Alexa-like’ Virtual Assistant Solution

After 13 years of enhancing Vodafone's VoiceBot, Sabio identified an opportunity to transform the customer experience (CX) by evolving the bot into a more human-like and personalised virtual assistant. 

Leveraging proprietary technology and deep CX expertise, Sabio implemented distinct voice profiles and unique personalities tailored to Vodafone's prepaid, postpaid and enterprise customers. 

“We're thrilled to have partnered with Sabio to create a next-generation virtual assistant that delivers a remarkably human experience,” said Ruth Martín, Customer Service and Bot Manager at Vodafone Spain. “The personalities and conversational capabilities they developed have completely transformed our customers' perception of automated interactions.” 

A maternal personality was deployed for postpaid and enterprise users, while a millennial personality was implemented for prepaid customers. Sabio modified over 2,300 VoiceXML pages and added numerous open-ended questions to make interactions more natural. The solution was tested using either male or female voice actors to further enhance the humanised experience, before a female voice was chosen for both personalities. 

Santiago Martinez, Country Manager for Sabio in Spain, commented: “Using our conversational-AI platform and persona-based approach, we were able to help Vodafone leapfrog their competitors with an incredibly lifelike assistant.  

“The virtual personas we created deliver truly distinct experiences that resonate strongly with each customer segment.” 

In addition to implementing the new virtual assistant, Sabio provided guidance to optimise Vodafone's existing speech recognition technology, enabling improved customer satisfaction without requiring significant new investments. 

The results have been outstanding, with Vodafone's Net Promoter Score on the bot channel surging by 34 percentage points from negative to positive territory. The containment rate - keeping customers engaged with the bot rather than transferring to human agents - rose by 3 percentage points. 

“We've seen extremely positive feedback from customers on the virtual assistant's warm, relatable personalities and more natural conversations,” added Martín. “Sabio's solution has transformed our VoiceBot into a strategic customer experience asset.” 

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