Sabio Group Aims to Empower the Global Contact Centre Workforce in New Campaign

  • Customer Service Advisors need powerful technology and solutions to deliver excellent customer experiences (CX)
  • Many are still faced with working environments characterised by poor supporting tech, frustrating gaps in customer journeys & limited to no empowerment
  • Sabio has launched a new campaign - ‘Empowering People to Deliver Excellent CX’ - encouraging Advisor autonomy & empowerment across the contact centre industry
Sabio Group Aims to Empower the Global Contact Centre Workforce in New Campaign

Sabio Group is calling on organisations to encourage empowerment of their Customer Service Advisors - following the launch of its latest campaign.

The digital customer experience (CX) transformation specialist aims to shine a light on the importance and benefits that enhanced Advisor autonomy can bring to customer service.

Its ‘Empowering People to Deliver Excellent CX’ campaign focuses on arming contact centre advisors with the latest equipment and technical capabilities needed to deliver outstanding CX – such as AI and automation, cloud technologies and harnessing data to power differentiation.

The campaign also focuses on the importance of Advisor wellbeing, and why being the best version of themselves correlates to better customer service, experiences and relations.

Tim Pickard, Chief Marketing Officer at Sabio Group, said: “The contact centre - and the millions upon millions of customer service advisors working within them globally – remains the epicentre of customer engagement and has become more important than ever as customer expectations have evolved. 

“However, across the world, the majority of contact centre advisors are still faced with a working environment that is characterised by poor supporting technology, frustrating gaps in customer journeys and limited to no empowerment.

“At Sabio, we’re looking to change that. We strongly believe in empowering contact centre advisors and arming them with the leading equipment and technical capabilities needed to deliver excellent customer service and customer experiences – while at the same time being happy and comfortable in themselves and in their roles.

“This campaign is aimed at shining a light on all of that. We’re looking to encourage empowerment of Advisors as well as educating organisations of the benefits that empowerment can bring – and not just to the contact centre itself, but to their business overall.”

As part of the campaign, Sabio has launched several key assets including a new video - ‘Empowering People to Deliver Excellent CX’ video - as well as five bite-sized eBooks.

Sabio’s eBooks are based on key insights that influence the CX and contact centre markets.

Nigel Winship, Head of Wellbeing Solutions at Sabio Group, said: “With everyday workloads changing dramatically, it’s no surprise that a third of Contact Centre Advisors feel acutely stressed multiple times each week.

“However, what organisations need to remember is that happier Advisors mean happier customers...and happier customers can only be good for business. Our empowerment campaign will hopefully go a long way in addressing that.”



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Corporate Communications and PR Manager
Sabio Group
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